Bottle Shape Profile : Growler Round Bottles

Bottle Shape Profile : Growler Round Bottles

Bottle Shape Profile : Growler Round Bottles

Growler bottles these days are very often referred to as a large size beer bottle. No one can really pinpoint the origin of this particular shape, but it has definitely been around for a while. The long, wide body shape with a tapered shoulder and neck area makes this bottle very distinct, it's amber color glass gives it extra protection from the environment, it's attached long handle on the neck gives it stability for easy handling. Most of all, the glass material makes it endlessly re-useable.

Recently, lightweight plastic growler alternatives has been made available and it is mostly made of PET plastic, given it's recyclability and shelf appeal it has gain some favor among product makers. Furthermore, lightweight plastic growlers can handle the same volume of content as it's glass counterpart, thanks to a molded-in handle grip on the body to give additional stability and ease of handling.

If you want more fun, historic facts about the growler, we have come across these resources for you. Since we are not affiliated with them in any way, we will leave you to do the clicking:

History of Growler
Source: The Growler Station - A Little History of the Growler

What Growler Do O.Berk Offer?

But if you are simply looking for some Growler to buy for your business or personal use, why not click here to see what we have to offer?

How about Smaller size in Carton Quantities?

If your needs growler bottles in smaller size (8oz, 16oz, or 32oz) with a narrow neck, our eCommerce site have a selection of Amber Boston Round that can be used as a Growler. Simply click here to see our stock offerings.

Posted by Jonathan
on 01/22/2016
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