Bottle Shape Profile : Detergent Drainback Shaped Bottles

What do Tide, Gain, and your local grocery store’s private label liquid detergent have in common? They all utilize the very familiar detergent drainback bottle that garnered popularity along with liquid detergent in the early 1980’s.

Detergent drainback bottles are often made from extruded blown HDPE plastic due to its high resistance to chemical abrasion and degradation. The bottle’s most prominent characteristic that “sticks out” is the drainback system spout that serves a dual function: dispensing of liquid detergent and recovering residual detergent post dispensing. This bottle is often coupled with a drainback cup closure that can serve as seal to secure container's product and a means to measure the dispensed product for accurate quantity. The oblong handle and sloped shoulders provide easy handling with one hand and dispensing of detergent down to the last drop.

Click here to view a selection of both drawback cup closures and rectangular detergent drawback bottles. Custom color matches are often possible for both container and closure along with the possibility of in-mold labeling for artwork.

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