Bottle Shape Profile : Apothecary Round Bottles

The term "Apothecary" has been around for centuries. In fact, Apothecary refers to an ancient profession that could date all the way back to 2,600 BC. These professionals utilized herbal and chemical ingredients to come up with medical remedies for all types of conditions. As time progressed, many of the functions an apothecary professional provided were replaced by pharmacists, doctors, and surgeons.

Today, we've found a popular usage of the term to describe personal care and health products that utilize natural herbs, plants, and minerals as their primary ingredients. Bottles that are used to package Apothecary products generally have a slated round shoulder, flat body surface, and a rounded base that is instantly recognizable. Still common with the personal care and the healthcare industry, these bottles are either made of glass, PET, or HDPE plastic materials.

You can find a list of "Apothecary" shaped bottles on our web catalog here.


Posted by Jonathan
on Fri, October 21, 2016

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