NACD Award Winners 2018 : O.Berk Company
NACD Award Winners 2018 : O.Berk Company

NACD Packages of the Year Awards

O.Berk is proud to announce our winning submissions in this year’s NACD Packages of the Year Awards in the Cosmetic, General Industrial, and Food categories.

The Annual NACD Packaging Awards recognize the most innovative packages from the previous year. Each year we submit our stand-out projects in partnership with our customers.

The Annual NACD Packaging Awards program recognizes the most innovative packages released during the previous year. Awards are given to the top three containers in each category. Categories include; Beverage, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Drug & Pharmaceutical, Food, General Industry, Household Chemical & Auto, Pet & Vet, Nutritional, Novelty, Best Use of Custom Packaging, Best Use of Stock Components. Two special awards are also honored: the NACD People's Choice Award and the Bernard M. Seid "Best of Show" Award.

Congratulations to the team members and valued customers behind O.Berk's contributions for 2017!

GOLD - Lune and Aster One Step Micellar Gel Makeup Remover

Lune+Aster is renowned in the cosmetic world for makeup that is quick and easy to apply, letting you create a polished look in minutes. It's only natural that Lune+Aster completed their line of cosmetics with a one-step Micro Micellular Gel Makeup Remover that quickly and completely removes even waterproof and long-lasting products.

The experts at O.Berk provided a unique delivery device via a dispensing bottle that is attractive and easy to use. The package dispenses easily and neatly by pressing down with a cotton pad. It has a protective cap that is completely out of the way during use and closes securely to protect the contents.

The package decoration and custom deep blue metallic color adds an upscale feel in keeping with Lune+Aster’s distinctive branding, silkscreen and hot stamping make the package pop.

GOLD - Höganäs

By depositing powdered high-performance metals on engineered substrates of less costly metals, engineers have figured out how to achieve the high performance characteristics of those metals without the high costs associated. It's an innovative solution for an ever-demanding, highly competitive market.

Shipping those powdered metals posed a unique challenge of its own. O.Berk met the challenge head on with an innovative custom bottle that highlights the power of powder.

Products were previously shipped in a standard round jug which proved to be space-inefficient when packed and awkward to handle. The new square bottle with large handle on the side makes storage, identification and handling far easier. Now, identifying and handling up to thirty pounds of metal powder per jug is safer and more efficient. The handle accommodates an entire hand...a dramatic improvement over the previous two-finger tab. The tamper evident cap ensures against loosening and spillage during transport. And with an additional logo embossed on the bottle, no matter how the product is shelf stacked, a logo will always present forward!

BRONZE - Runamok Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

The sap from 81,000 maple trees spread over 1,350 acres contribute a myriad of flavors whose collective essence is bottled into the four distinct flavors of Runamok Maple Syrup.

Runamok Maple didn't trust their expertly crafted product to just anyone. They chose O.Berk for a classic and instantly recognizable package that branded their product while protecting the precious syrup inside.

O.Berk provided a stock 2oz Flint Boston Round bottle to sample Runamok's uniquely crafted line of flavored organic syrup: Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged, Cinnamon + Vanilla Infused, Elderberry and Cardamon Infused. To complete this simple, yet elegant, package; a rib-sided, matte top closure seals in the aroma, flavor, and distinct quality that is Runamok's Vermont Organic Maple Syrup.

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on 05/18/2018





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