Spray coating

Spray coating a container offers the ability to create a customized color, design, texture, or all – on either glass or plastic. As the name suggests, in this process containers are sprayed to attain the desired effect — from a frosted look, a textured feel, a single custom color background for further design finishing, or in any conceivable design combination with multiple colors, fades or gradients. Used as a background element – you can silk screen or pressure-sensitive label on top of frost applications. Spray coating offers an excellent choice for customization – without the high minimum quantities of other finishing methods.

Advantages of spray coating:

  • Allows a variety of design solutions: frosting, crackling, gradation, fades, antiquing, fluorescents, high gloss, etc
  • Can provide a non-slip texture option
  • Coatings can be UV- or conventionally heat-cured
  • Glass containers can be sprayed with organic or ceramic coatings
  • Plastic containers can be UV-coated
  • Can replicate a specific PMS color without the need for special order bottle colorants

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