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375ML NATURAL FLASK OVAL PET WITH 28MM NECK Custom Color Match Possible

O.Berk can mold many of our bottles and jars in a wide variety of stock & custom colors. Minimum order quantities and setup fees can vary – inquire for more information.

Material Properties

PET Plastic
Polyethylene terephthalate Plastic Resin
Plastic Resin Temperature Tolerance
Temperature Tolerance
  • 145 F
Plastic Resin Rigidity Property
  • GOOD
Plastic Resin Moisture Barrier Property
Moisture Barrier
  • GOOD
Plastic Resin Impact Resistance Property
Impact Resistance
  • HIGH
Plastic Resin Scuff Resistance Property
Scuff Resistance
Plastic Resin Oxygen Barrier Property
Oxygen Barrier
  • GOOD
Plastic Resin Resistance To Cold Property
Resistance To Cold
  • GOOD

For more information about plastic resin characteristics and compatibility, click here to see our latest article on all major plastic resin categories. Please remember, data displayed above serves as a general guideline. Each product/package combination is unique and can react slightly differently.



Product Detail

Product Name
Size More InformationStandard capacity of a bottleThe normal volume (usually measured in cc, ml, or ounces) of a bottle. When a bottle is filled to standard capacity, the contents usually fill to the shoulder area.
375.00 ML
Overflow Capacity More InformationOverflow capacity of a bottleThis is the maximum fill volume of the bottle. Measured to the very top surface of the bottle.
390.00 cc
Neck Diameter More InformationThe Neck DiameterThe outside diameter of the thread, commonly referred to as the "T" dimension.
Neck Finish More InformationThe Neck FinishCommonly measured by thread counts, standardized by the manufacturing industry. There are many different types of neck finishes, see below for a quick video on 6 most common styles.
Color More InformationUnless the item is noted as In Stock Locally as a special color, we note the standard manufactured color on this page (typically clear, white, natural, amber). Custom colors are often available as special production runs with varied minimum order quantity requirements. If you need a custom color match, please add the item to your inquiry cart and specify your color in notes when submitting the inquiry.
Item Weight More InformationThe manufactured net weight of the bottle – stated at nominal, without the manufacturing tolerance noted.
41.00 g
Item Height More InformationBottle HeightOverall height of bottle – stated at nominal, without the manufacturing tolerance noted.
196.85 mm
Item Length More InformationBottle LengthThe overall length of the bottle - stated at nominal, without the manufacturing tolerance noted.
Item Width / Diameter More InformationBottle Width / DiameterThe overall width of the bottle (or the diameter for round bottles) – stated at nominal, without the manufacturing tolerance noted.
40.51 mm
Blow Technology More InformationThe technology used to produce the plastic bottle. Common production technologies include extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, stretch blow molding (single stage or 2-stage for PET plastic), or injection molding.
PCR Possibility More InformationNotes the manufacturer’s ability to introduce PCR (Post Consumer Regrind resin) into the production of the component. The ability and percentage of PCR are unique to each manufacturer and production platform – note your interest in the notes section when making an inquiry.
Surface Finish
Dip Tube Length More InformationSpecifies the standard length of the Dip Tube, as manufactured. Dip Tubes can be custom cut to your package requirements.
Orifice Size More InformationOrificeSpecify the opening of the dispensing closure where the product can be dispensed from.
Output More InformationSpecifies the volume of product that will be dispensed during each activation of the component.
Packing Method
Carton Count
Carton Weight
Carton Dimension (L)
Carton Dimension (W)
Carton Dimension (H)
Carton / Pallet
Pallet Dimension (W)
Pallet Dimension (L)
Pallet Dimension (H)

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