Chubby Gorilla Tamper-Evident/Child-Resistant Containers Collection

Chubby Gorilla Tamper-Evident/Child-Resistant Containers Collection

Introducing Chubby Gorilla's Unicorn Bottles – a versatile range featuring different sizes and a unique closure system, available in eye-catching chic opaque hues, to classic translucent containers in various colorways. Expertly crafted to provide exceptional protection against moisture and oxygen, along with effective fragrance containment, these bottles are ideally suited for a wide range of products. Chubby Gorilla's standout feature is their pioneering smart caps, which elevate child safety and tamper-evidence to a new level of innovation and reliability for your product line.



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The Perfect Fit for Cannabis Products:

From whole flower to concentrates, gummies, pre-rolls, and more, our Tamper-Evident/Child-Resistant Tubes and Jars are a game-changer. With seals that keep your products secure while maintaining their freshness and potency, you can say goodbye to worries about compliance – our packaging has you covered.

Whole Cannabis Products, Whole Peace of Mind:

When it comes to cannabis packaging, safety and quality are paramount. Our collection ensures your customers enjoy their favorite cannabis products responsibly while appreciating the convenience of easy access. We believe that protecting what's inside is as important as what's inside, making us your trusted partner in the industry.

Beyond Cannabis: Beauty and Personal Care:

But wait, there's more! Chubby Gorilla's Tamper-Evident/Child-Resistant Tubes and Jars are not limited to the cannabis sector alone. Imagine the possibilities in the beauty and personal care space! Whether it's luxurious creams, fragrant lotions, or enticing balms, our packaging adds a touch of sophistication to your products. It's designed to be secure, tamper-evident, and aesthetically pleasing – a winning combination for any brand.

Aviator and Spiral Container Series: Your Premium Choice:

Our Aviator and Spiral Container series of PET packaging take your packaging to the next level. Crafted with precision and designed for versatility, these containers are the embodiment of reliability and style. They're not just containers; they're a statement.

Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your brand's image and ensure the safety of your products with O.Berk presenting Chubby Gorilla. Join the Chubby Gorilla family today and experience packaging that's truly top-notch.

Customizing Chubby Gorilla Containers

Tamper-Evident CR Closures Customization:

Chubby Gorilla's child-resistant (CR) closures are designed with safety in mind, ensuring that the contents are protected from unintended access. Here are the various customization options available:

  1. Opacity Levels:
    • Opaque: Solid and not see-through, offering complete content privacy.
    • Translucent: Allows some light to pass through, offering a semi-transparent look.
    • Frosted: Provides a misty appearance, lying somewhere between opaque and transparent.
  2. Finish Types:
    • Matte: A non-glossy, soft look which is popular for its modern and sleek feel.
    • Metallic: Gives a shiny, reflective finish that offers a premium feel.
    • Hydro Drip/Water Transfer: A unique finishing method where a design is printed on water, allowing the closure to be dipped into it, transferring the design onto the closure.
  3. Pantone Matching: O.Berk can customize closures to any Pantone color, ensuring brand consistency and alignment with company branding.

PET Container Customization:

Chubby Gorilla's PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers are known for their crystal-clear appearance and robustness. Customization options include:

  1. Finish & Opacity:
    • Just like with the closures, the containers can also be made opaque, translucent, frosted, matte, metallic, or with hydro drip/water transfer finishes.
  2. Pantone Matching: Containers can be tailored to match specific brand colors using the Pantone matching system.
  3. Labelling: To enhance branding and provide necessary information, custom labels can be added to the containers. This is crucial for industries that require specific labeling for compliance, ingredients, or instructions.
  4. Direct Printing: For a more integrated and seamless look, brands can opt for direct printing on the containers. This eliminates the need for adhesive labels and can be a more durable branding option.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us now and let O.Berk present Chubby Gorilla's Tamper-Evident/Child-Resistant Tubes and Jars Collection redefine your packaging standards. Your products deserve the best, and with O.Berk and Chubby Gorilla, they'll get nothing less.






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