The Dangers of Plastic in the Environment

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials. It is long lasting, and it can be more cost affordable than material that will have to be replaced when worn out. While plastic has a lot of good qualities, it comes with some concerns. These concerns are associated with the environment.

While plastic can be used in making products last longer, that can also result in environmental problems. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it will stay in its present state forever. The good news is that plastic can be recycled and used again. However, not all consumers that use plastic dispose of them properly. Instead of placing plastic in recycling bins, they throw them out in the trash or even worse, throw them out on the ground.

By not recycling plastic, these items are left in our environment to remain unchanged until they are removed. Recently, the media and social media have brought to light the problems of plastic items such as straws and six pack plastic holders getting into the environment and the animals that live there.

To learn more about the benefits and concerns of plastic, we have listed several resources to help make you aware of the concerns.

Plastic is a valuable commodity in our everyday life that has made things easier and cheaper for us.  And, with everyone doing their part by being aware of the impact of discarded plastic has on our environment, with recycling and other responsible usage, plastic and the environment can co-exist happily.

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