Pop & Click Packaging Technology
Introducing new Pop & Click™ Packaging Technology.  Not only is the Pop & Click closure unique with its fresh and modern design, it is also a great choice for environmental sustainability.  Compared to a traditional 38mm push & turn CRC system, Pop & Click closures use almost 65% less plastic, offering the potential for significant source reduction. 

Pop & Click closures are more effective and child resistant for safety – passing full CPSC protocol with 100% effectiveness before demonstration and 98% effective after demonstration.  In addition, with multiple hands-free opening and closing options, 86% of seniors tested rated it easier to open and close than other child-resistant closure systems.

Pop & Click bottles are available in multiple sizes:   8cc Straight Sided Jar, 70cc Pop & Click Cylinder, and a 120cc Pop & Click Round.  All bottle sizes work well with a broad range of products like solid dose, gels, creams, and concentrates.  All bottles are ASTM-certified and made from FDA-approved HDPE. The 38mm polypropylene closure contains an integral TPE liner that acts as a re-seal gasket and protects the contents from the external environment.  An optional heat induction liner is available as a tamper-evident security feature.