Quick Question Monday: Should I Put Essential Oils in Glass or Plastic Bottles?

First, what is essential oil?

An Essential oil is a liquid that is distilled (through steam or water) from leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant.  Essential Oils are a natural way to infuse your product with aromatic and medicinal properties; they are rapidly becoming popular as a source of questions in the packaging industry.

What should it be stored in?

If you are looking to store “pure” essential oils, it is necessary to use glass or aluminum. Essential oils may smell great, but they are actually extremely potent. Damage and deterioration is a common problem to plastic containers that hold essential oils.

Glass is one of the more popular packaging options for essential oils because the oils cannot be damaged by the inert nature of the glass. Pair the glass bottle with an airtight lid, and you have the perfect packaging solution.

If you are using “ diluted” essential oils, plastic containers, specifically PET, are known to store these oil products without a problem. Diluted essential oils can come in the form or lotions or other personal care products. PET is a great alternative to glass if you are looking for an alternative option to store your essential oils.

Why is it important?

Heat, light, oxygen, moisture, are all factors that can affect the expiration date of your oil.   It is recommended to store essential oils in amber or cobalt glass bottles, since sunlight can accelerate the expiration of the oil. If essential oils are stored properly, they can last a very long time.

Product compatibility testing should be completed to ensure that your container will withstand the oil.  If you have any questions or comments regarding essential oils, leave them below.

For a list of popular glass dropper bottles common for the essential oil market, click here.

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