200ml PETG Jar

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PETG Heavywall Thick base Jar

200ml PETG low-profile, heavy wall round PETG plastic jar

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Quick Question Monday – How do you select the correct dropper tip?

When selecting a dropper tip for plastic dropper bottle applications, you have two main choices – Extended Dropper Tips and Extended Controlled Dropper Tips. While the two names looks similar, there are scenarios where one is preferred over the other, but how do you determine which is suitable for your application?

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Posted : May 18, 2015

Quick Question Monday : Why Do Production Lead Times Change?

When you are ordering production stock or special order packaging components, we always state the “manufacturer’s suggested lead time”. While it may seem straightforward on the surface, it is actually a very tricky topic since there isn't a single, stable time period to estimate.

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Posted : May 11, 2015

Quick Question Monday : What is a Deco Template?

The deco template, sometimes referred to as a “die line” or “live area” by some designers, communicates the dimensions of that surface area. Essentially, it’s a two dimensional layout of your packaging component with guidelines established by the decorator that says, “This is where you can place your art.”

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Posted : May 4, 2015

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When you are looking for a particular type of plastic for your bottle... count on O.Berk to have it in wholesale, truckload, and full produciton quantity. Thousands to choose from, both in stock and via speedy special order. In the styles, colors and neck finishes you’re looking for. We’re always sourcing exciting new designs and functionalities. Yet another reason to make O.Berk your go-to source!

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Plastic or Metal Continuous Thread (CT) and Child Resistant (CRC) Caps, Pumps, Sprayers and more. All here. All ready to go, either straight from O.Berk warehouses or via speedy special order. Thousands of selections for you to combine with our bottles means we can produce a unique packaging solution for your needs fast. We take pride in providing you with the latest in closures and caps!

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