200ml PETG Jar

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PETG Heavywall Thick base Jar

200ml PETG low-profile, heavy wall round PETG plastic jar

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Quick Question Monday : How to reduce the chance of glass breaking during transit?

Shipping glass bottles or jars via parcel carrier has always been a challenge, as the carton materials used are meant for bulk pallet handling, where cartons are tightly packed together on a pallet and remain on the pallet during handling, instead of single-piece shipments.

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Posted : Mar 23, 2015

Quick Question Monday: Hot Filling Beverages And Juices in PET?

You may have heard of the term hot filling, but do you know what the benefits are and why it is so widely used in automated fill lines these days?

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Posted : Mar 16, 2015

Quick Question Monday: How To Make Sure Your Screw Cap Is On Tight Enough?

Proper application of screw-on caps to bottles or jar, aka application and removal torque, should always be measured to ensure proper function of these screw cap, it's liners, and the bottle or jar. Find out how to measure it here.

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Posted : Mar 8, 2015

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