Boston Round Glass Bottles

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New In-Stock Boston Round Glass Bottles

0.5,1, and 2oz in Flint, Green, and Cobalt Blue

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From The Packaging Crash Course

Quick Question Monday: How Is A Sprayer And Pump Output Measured?

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Posted : Feb 23, 2015

Quick Question Monday: What are Graduations and Window Stripes Feature on a Plastic Bottle?

Sometimes it is important for the consumer to know how much content is left in the container. This is particularly important for household and industrial chemical products (think motor oil and cleaning products). But how do you display that with a colored bottle?

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Posted : Feb 16, 2015

Question Question Monday : What is the Difference between Standard and Overflow Capacity?

Standard Capacity and Overflow capacity are two integral measurements that make up a bottle. Be careful, however, as these measurements are actually two very different numbers.

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Posted : Feb 9, 2015

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O.Berk offers a wide variety of glass bottle selections both in stock and via special order in wholesale and full production quantity. In a full range of glass types and colors. In styles and neck finishes to fit virtually every product packaging need perfectly. We’re constantly adding new products and innovations, so check here often!

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When you are looking for a particular type of plastic for your bottle... count on O.Berk to have it in wholesale, truckload, and full produciton quantity. Thousands to choose from, both in stock and via speedy special order. In the styles, colors and neck finishes you’re looking for. We’re always sourcing exciting new designs and functionalities. Yet another reason to make O.Berk your go-to source!

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Plastic or Metal Continuous Thread (CT) and Child Resistant (CRC) Caps, Pumps, Sprayers and more. All here. All ready to go, either straight from O.Berk warehouses or via speedy special order. Thousands of selections for you to combine with our bottles means we can produce a unique packaging solution for your needs fast. We take pride in providing you with the latest in closures and caps!

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