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Plastic Bottles and Glass Bottles Packaging
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Plastic Dispensing Caps

Sealing Systems And Application Torque For Plastic Dispensing Caps

Dispensing closures are very popular in plastic bottle applications. They are mostly utilized in liquid and cream type products such as lotion, cream, body wash, salad dressing, and honey. To understand how dispensing closure works, let’s first look at how these closures make a seal with the bottle to prevent leakage and allows for repeated use.

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Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

Vita Pump


Vita is a new one-handed dispensing system that provides faster and easier gesturing for cotton pad applications of water-based formulations.

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Glass and Plastic Packaging Crash Course

PET manufacturing process

Stretch Blow Molding For PET Bottles And Jars - Video

Polyethylene terephalate (PET) bottles and jars are created through the manufacturing process called Stretch Blow Molding (SBM). PET plastic is a packaging material that is widely recognized for its safety, product quality and environmental friendliness.


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